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Parsonage Farm School Values


SCHOOL VALUE – We can follow the rules to keep us happy and safe

  • I can play and take turns with others
  • I can listen well
  • I can understand and follow the rules
  • I can use kind hands and feet
  • I can understand I won’t always be first and can be happy for those that are


SCHOOL VALUE – We respect ourselves, others and our School

  • I can play safely
  • I can say kind things about myself and others
  • I can take care of our things
  • I can put my hand up when I need help
  • I can wait for my turn


SCHOOL VALUE – We can make the right choices

  • I can ignore other’s behaviour
  • I can let someone know how I feel
  • I can go to a place where I feel safe
  • I can tell the truth
  • I can recognise when I’m not coping


SCHOOL VALUE –We can concentrate and listen well

  • I can do what I am asked by an adult straightaway
  • I can play nicely with my friends and on my own
  • I can follow instructions
  • I can remain on task
  • I can answer politely


SCHOOL VALUE – We try our best even when it is hard

  • I can ask for help
  • I can keep trying when things are tricky
  • I can show how I feel
  • I can try something new
  • I can understand that ‘fair’ is what each child needs


SCHOOL VALUE – We think about the feelings of others

  • I can make friends
  • I can begin to work and play on my own
  • I can ask for things I need
  • I can accept that sometimes I am wrong
  • I know when to ask for help


“We will always listen to you.”