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At Parsonage Farm we believe that Physical Education is vital in contributing to the physical, emotional and social development of our pupils, as well as supporting their mental and physical health and well-being.  Through PE we aim to promote a love of physical activity and develop physical competency which will help our pupils to become confident, resilient, independent, life-long learners and to be the best that they can be. 

Progression of Skills

Our PE curriculum is planned so that there is a clear progression of skills from Nursery to Year 2 but within each year group we also meet the individual needs of all children by extending or supporting their skill development regardless of their age.

Teaching and Learning

Our PE activities are based around the EYFS Framework (in Nursery and Reception) and the National Curriculum for KS1 (in Years 1 and 2). Click here for details:

PE National Curriculum for KS1

Alongside these documents, we design our PE curriculum so that it is purposeful and meaningful for the children in our school.

In KS1 our children have two dedicated PE lessons a week: one is planned for and delivered by the class teacher, and the other by a specialist sports coach. Throughout the year, children will experience indoor and outdoor PE sessions and will take part in gymnastics, dance and games/athletics/multi-skills. In Reception, focused PE lessons are also delivered at least weekly.

In the Early Years (Nursery and Reception), Physical Development is a Prime Area of the curriculum, and we recognise that it should remain a key focus in KS1. Therefore, both in Early Years and KS1, Children have daily access to an outdoor area and physical activities; and they also take part in regular activities to develop their fine and gross motor control within the classroom. Both inside and outside, physical activities may be adult led or child-initiated.

PE is also promoted in other subject lessons. For example, in Science and SCARF the children are taught about healthy bodies, nutrition, balanced diets and well-being; and in Maths, physical games and activities are often used to support the learning of areas such as Number, Calculations and Time.

Enrichment Activities

At Parsonage Farm the children are given many additional opportunities to enrich their physical skills. These include:

  • After school clubs run by specialist coaches – e.g. football, gymnastics, dance
  • Regular lunchtime games activities run by specialist coaches
  • An annual Sports Morning and picnic for all pupils.
  • Participation in Sport Relief activities, e.g. timed circuit challenge.
  • Participation in ‘Walk to School Week’.
  • An annual Christmas elf/reindeer charity run.