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Nursery Information for Prospective Parents

Parsonage Farm Nursery and Infant School is responsible for admissions to our Nursery class.

All children are entitled to 15 hours a week free learning and childcare in an early years setting from the term following their third birthday, for 38 weeks in a full year (totalling 570 hours).

We offer limited spaces for those children that are eligible for 30 hours free funding.  This means that a child taking the full 30 hours will attend our Nursery from 8.50am until 2.50pm Monday to Friday during term time.  If we are unable to offer the full 30 hours due to capacity levels, we may be able to offer more than the standard 15 hours.

Session Times






Start time





End time





Application Process

If you would like your child to come to our Nursery, please request an application form from the School Office.  The school will then consider applications in accordance with the criteria set out in the Hampshire Admission Policy. Parents will be informed of the decision by letter/email and must confirm acceptance as per the instructions contained in the offer letter.  The final decision on the number of hours a child is able to attend and the pattern of attendance rests with the headteacher.

To apply for Nursery your child has to have turned 3 years old by the 31st August, to start in the September. You are able to apply for a place once your child has turned 2 years old for them to start the following year.

To start September 2024 - children's date of birth must be between 1st Sep 2020 - 31st August 2021.

To start September 2025 - children's date of birth must be between 1st Sep 2021- 31st August 2022.

Please email the school office once your child has turned 2 years old to request an application form for September 2024. Email address is


If you are applying for a 30-hour funded place, the eligibility code must be given to the school at least 4 weeks before the start date for your child.  It is the parents' responsibility to check the eligibility every three months. If the circumstances for the family change and the child becomes ineligible, there will be a grace period.  During this period the child can remain in the Nursery class. At the end of the grace period, if the child is still ineligible for funding then they will return to the standard 15 hours of funding.


We may be able to offer additional sessions that can be paid for, and your child can have a hot school lunch at an additional charge.



Additional sessions (in 3 hour blocks)

£5.50 Per Hour from Sepember 2024

Lunch – school dinner

£3.00 from 5th June 23

School Lunches can be paid at the school office or using the online payment system (Arbor).

Additional Hours are invoiced each half-term.


It is important that every child attends nursery regularly.  Our Nursery class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and there may be gaps in their learning if they do not regularly attend.  Good attendance also significantly helps your child’s transition into school.

Please remember that attendance at our Nursery does NOT mean that a place is automatically available in Year R of our school.  A formal application needs to be made to the school for all children, with Hampshire County Council allocating places in accordance with the school's admission policy.