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Internet Safety

Internet Safety 

Our children love to use the Internet specially to play games and to communicate with their friends. The way they start using computers and the guidance they are given at this young age can set them on the right path to being safer in later life.

At our school we ensure that our children are regularly taught about Internet Safety in every year group. It is taught explicitly through our computing curriculum but is also addressed and revisited whenever the children are using technology. We have a school charter to outline age-appropriate key messages, which the children sign to show their agreement. A link to our charter is below. 

Every year in February, we take part in ‘Safer Internet Day’. Here are some of the resources that have been used across the school, plus other useful links, which parents could use to support discussions about Internet Safety at home. 

General Information:

Stories to address E-safety:

Hanni and the Magic Window | Childnet

‘On the Internet’ - A story book that your child can read to you!

Some great online games for children to play with an adult to address E-safety issues:

In 2022 our ‘Safer Internet Day’ was run by Paul Hay who is an expert in Internet Safety. Paul worked with the teachers to lead an assembly and run class lessons, and he also hosted a session for parents.  A video of the parents’ meeting can be found here:



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The cartoons that Paul Hay used is one of a series created by CEOP aimed at infant-aged children. The cartoons can be found here

Paul has provided links to useful sites to learn more about Internet Safety and watch other related videos. Here is the site:

Paul is also happy for parents to contact him with any questions you may have.