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At Parsonage Farm, we believe that every child is an individual and should be supported to become a confident, resilient, independent, lifelong learner and encouraged to ‘be the best that they can be’. Our aim is to provide interesting and engaging activities which enable children to develop the essential, age-appropriate computing skills and knowledge which they can continue to develop and build upon throughout the rest of their education.

Progression of Skills

We have carefully created our Computing curriculum to meet the needs and learning styles of all children. Our Computing curriculum is designed so that there is a clear progression of skills from Nursery to Year 2. The context in which these skills are taught and learnt is tailored to each cohort of children dependent on their interests and needs. The knowledge and skills are planned so that the sequence enables children to know more, do more and remember more. Please see attached table.

Teaching and Learning

Our Computing curriculum is based around the EYFS Framework (in Nursery and Reception) and the National Curriculum for KS1 (in Years 1 and 2). 

EYFS Framework: (Understanding the World)

Technology: children recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for particular purposes.

KS1 Computing National Curriculum:

Alongside these documents, we design our computing curriculum so that it is purposeful and meaningful for the children in our school.

In KS1 our children have one dedicated computing lesson a week however computing skills are used, reinforced and developed in most other curriculum areas including maths, English and topic.  Our children have opportunities to develop their computing capability skills and techniques using a variety of hardware; including iPads, desktop computers and Beebots and software; including PurpleMash, Stop Motion, Powerpoint and Scratch Junior.

In EYFS our children have opportunities to explore and develop their computing capability skills using a variety of resources such as iPads, cameras, remote control toys (including cars) and Beebots. Children also have access to PurpleMash which provides them with a range of interesting, cross-curricular activities and games.

Our Computer Suite

We are very lucky to have 15 brand new desktop computers in our dedicated computer suite! They arrived during the Summer Holidays of 2020. The computers provide children with the opportunity to develop their keyboard and typing skills but are also touch screen (to keep up with the modern world!)

Thank you to FOPS for raising an incredible amount of money which enabled us to purchase these computers.